Vis Dev Artist by day and kaiju dragon by night. Or was it the other way around. Monster and creature lover. Disney fan. Loves animation and theme parks. Adores EDM and toy design. Currently freelancing for Warner Brothers.


This cintiq is slowly cooking my hands. But that’s ok cintiq I love you anyway. It’s a very different drawing experience and frankly I had an initial OH YAY MY DRAWING IS GOING TO BE BETTER and it’s like nope it’s still just you and this non magical cintiq. Have to make a lot of adjustments though for myself like drawing positions, finding the right angle, finding out that my keyboard is more of a hindrance than a help…

And there’s the fact that suddenly.. the brush sizes I use need to change drastically. I think that’s just an adjustment thing and I’ll settle into something that works for me once I deal with my own uh.. bugs. 

Art/work life rant under the cut. 

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Art School consumption of graphic media:

Wow these proportions are so bad this artist is terrible how do they get work we should all redline these to show how much better we could do them if they hired people like us

Professional Life consumption of graphic media:

"Poor dude probably had to draw like eighty panels that day, I hope he didn’t have to spend his whole weekend doing weird revisions marketing came up with"

Oh dear lord this. This so much.