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A Day Job is Not an Art Crime




While I don’t want to be the voice of reason that buzzkills your art dreams, the fact is few people can make a full- time living in this business. Fewer still can sustain a long term career in the creative arts.

It’s hard to know when to let something go. Or when to keep pushing through.


A full time art job is hard, scary and can be completely fucking heartbreaking at times. For all the people who want to do this for a living and make it their end-all, be-all ultimate goal- it is probably not the fantasy you are envisioning in your head.
I could go on forever on the harsh, terrifying realities of earning an actual sustainable living doing this but i really don’t feel like reminding myself of how tired, isolated and stressed I am most of the time in order to make it work. I love what i do but…. I’m very, very lucky i got this to be a thing.

A day job is not an art crime, guys.

Ah. This. My last art job nearly killed me. Clocking in 55+ hours a week as stated in the contract. Being bullied to show up on weekends just to prove how hardworking we were. Most people leave in a month; I lasted 6 months before finally deciding that this full time gig wasn’t worth it.

I might also add that I’ve never gotten sick from work before until that job. And that I was actually in a way much happier working at a toy store and doing art on the side..

Oh no… I want the kill la kill outfit. Oh nooooo…


I think I actually have too much material for my new book. … I wonder how many pages I will have this time.