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Hello! My baby!


Hello! My honey!





Oh my god

this is the most accurate representation of working in 3D I have ever seen

.. I used to break rigs in school. My 3D teacher wasn’t very fond of me. 

Setting up stuff to paint a custom Noodles figurine. A little nervous about the whole thing since I’ve never done custom paint work before. Gonna need to do a lot more planning. 

.. I thought drawing would cheer me up. It hasn’t. Maybe I should draw more. 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I end up in a ridiculous and sometimes destructive cycle of trying to draw away everything from mood swings to actual, real issues. Just keep drawing till it goes away. Because it makes me feel productive. Because I’m actually producing and it feels like I’m actively doing something to combat whatever is really bothering me. 

Took me a while to admit and come to terms with the fact that.. while it’s good that I’m drawing, I’m not really addressing the issue and it just stews and simmers and gets worse and worse. 

Sometimes drawing does make me feel better when I’m in a down mood. Sometimes it doesn’t. And because it’s a little bit of a lottery I find myself just drawing and drawing and hoping it’s just one of those weird mood things and that I’ll feel better if I just did one. more. drawing. 

Sometimes I need to sit back and pull myself away from the ‘pretence’ of productivity and actually deal with what’s bothering me. But.. we all know that’s easier said than done. 

I really need to find time to just sit down and get my online store sorted out. I keep being sidetracked by client work and commission work that I need to get back to, emails and other life things. Blargh!

You tend to latch on to someone pretty tightly if you manage to latch on at all. -@tygettlannister

Truer words were never spoken. 

Daddy I’ve fallen for a monster
Somehow he’s scaring me to death
He’s big and he’s bad
I love him like mad
Momma, he’s the best I ever had
Daddy I’ve fallen for a monster
He got a black heart


The wind is rising. We must try to live. 

What's this about sketches


this should probably be something that’s said, since I saw a post earlier this week about how “as an artist, you should never put down your own work with this list of negative buzz words:” and on that list was included the term “SKETCH”

Often people yell at me when I call my…

When doing serious work and not happy fun time ‘me’ work.. yeah. Sketches are pretty much the hardest part and neither music nor movies run in the background while I’m in this stage. Heck don’t even talk to me; I need to think here.